Visit La Grange


The site of an early crossing of the Colorado River, La Grange was first settled by Stephen F. Austin's band of colonists in 1822. The town was a major site for German and Czech settlement. Local architecture, many local customs, and town's reputation for not having participated in the prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the 1920s and 1930s.

This charming town of approximately 5,000 residents is a popular destination for family reunions, antique shop enthusiasts, and bird watchers. Located 64 miles southeast of Austin and 100 miles due west of Houston, a day trip to La Grange is a delightful detour for visitors to the Lone Star state.

Travel time from:

  • Austin - 1 hour
  • Brownsville - 5 hours
  • Dallas - 3.75 hours
  • El Paso - 10.75 hours
  • Houston - 1.75 hours
  • San Antonio - 2 hours
  • Lubbock - 7.75 hours

 This Texas town was the muse for the Tony Award-winning musical,The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. The musical and film were inspired by a famous brothel that was located in La Grange, TX. This small town has a history of attracting visitors looking for a great time and that tradition continues today. We invite you to explore the serenity and indescribability of the La Grange experience!

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